Thursday, November 21, 2013


Took the dressing off before the shower last night.  I guess I was expecting something gruesome from a TV crime show.  Instead, the incision is just like a vertical pencil line near my armpit. With the steri-strips for decoration.

Today at noon another 24 hours is up, and I'm out of this Ace bandage.  I remember rushing to Starbucks with the even bigger bandage after the biopsy, convinced that what I needed was a treat.  No one even noticed my "flapper" look with flat silhouette courtesy of Ace.  There's a lesson in that somewhere about how I obsess on dressing for a coffee shop.

Today, per the surgery center's instructions,  if I'm convinced my reactions are quick as normal, I can drive.  Freedom! . . . .

Oops.  Feeling kinda sleepy.  May have to postpone that driving.

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