Sunday, November 24, 2013


I'm still sleeping in a soft bra just like a little insurance policy because I don't know how fast the inside area heals.  But basically I feel so normal . . .

The biggest surprise is that I have confided in a couple of guys about this, and I didn't expect to do that.  Long ago on a first date, my date stopped his little red car half a block from my house.  He said, "You seem like a very private person, and I want to kiss you."

I still like plenty of privacy. But the spine injury made me less private.  And then, the walker--not a private thing, if you ever want to go outdoors.  Even before the walker, I had told friends about the spine problem.

But breasts?  Grandma would be shocked.  But it's not her life.  I think we choose the people we trust.  Or, the universe sends some we trust.  And remember what James Lee Burke said about some people we see for the first time, and we know they're family. . .or words to that affect.  It's showdown time now.  I tell strangers on this blog.  I tell the trusted ones; I thank a trusted one for his openness about his march down similar corridors.  And they don't have to be women.

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