Thursday, May 22, 2014

TAMOXIFEN, Cancer cells, and Magic Monster spray

After posting yesterday, I remembered watching HOT Topics, Breast Cancer 2014 Part 1.  The doctor who impressed me so much, Lisa Carey, MD, told us that some breast cancer cells are looking more like other cancer cells than like breast cancer cells..  Does this raise questions about Tamoxifen?

The new study (see May 5 post) may help women who don't metabolize Tamoxifen completely  . . ..... but what about those other cells?  Developing endoxifen as a drug may not make it the magic spray that keeps all monsters away from my breasts.

I can wait for some pill that will stimulate my own immune system so much that I won't even need pills.

Or I can do what I know to do now for my own immune system.  (This is the part that some people seem to tune out.)  And it's the part I often .neglect.

I can use interacting with wonderful people as magic spray.  Clean air is magic spray--I can look for places away from traffic.  I can keep looking for a good counselor.

I can do the things all those doctors in The Immune Power Personality have found helpful to our immunity. Like meditating (my way.)
Like  being more assertive, (not abrasive.)
Like expressing in a safe place what I want and what I don't want.
Like writing about trauma I've never talked about.
Like noticing how my body reacts to work, to noise, or to secretly dancing, and acting on those clues.
You can do it, too.

I wish you health.


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