Saturday, May 3, 2014

Breast Cancer: A new drug on its way for some?

A targeted therapy for HER2+/hormone receptor-negative (HR-) disease, with a new drug added, is now eligible for Stage III testing, according to medpage, April 11:  Novel Drug 'Graduates'. . . John W. Park, MD, of the University of California San Francisco, reported that a statistical model showed the regimen has a "'95% probability of superiority versus standard therapy and a 79% likelihood of success in Phase III.'"

This is wonderful, of course.

And yet I can't help wondering if women with other Breast cancers read the news with a sinking feeling that their ship has not come in.  Again.   

At least I hope these announcements of successful drug tests and planned drug tests remind all women that they are not forgotten.  That breast cancer is not forgotten.  But the progress is slow, and we are dwelling in dangerous times.  

Something strange just happened.  I went back to the Sunrise Rounds post I referred to yesterday, looking for a certain quote.  But it isn't there.  It's just a conclusion I drew from what Dr. Salwitz wrote:  Cancer rebuilds us.  And we wish there were some better way to get rebuilt.

So the tests go on, but. . .

The only thing that works for all breast cancers will be prevention.

I wish you health.

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