Friday, May 30, 2014

Is it the Tamoxifen? Or estrogen deprivation? Or what?

My wonderful L.A. mechanic used to say:  We're not 29 any more!  And everyone used to say if you're over 40, you woke up feeling worse in the morning than when you went to bed.  I'm way past 40.  But they didn't say you would walk toward the car one day and suddenly think: 

I feel ten years older! 

This morning, making coffee earlier than usual, I felt for a minute as if I would just crumple down on the spot and sleep.  It reminded me of an awful lassitude I once got from Codeine, but now it's something else.  What?

And I walk older.  My tutoring client insisted on carrying some of my books--I think she could tell by my face that I'm not energetic or comfortable.

It's not three months yet since I started Tamoxifen.  Sloan Kettering's site on Tamoxifen was not comforting. Still need to see ophthalmologist and dentist, and probably podiatrist again.  All this doctoring can keep a person from feeling healthy.  

Two weeks until my blood work.  Three weeks until I see the medical oncologist.  

I wish you health.

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