Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now On Tamoxifen, so I insist on a gynecologist. . . first visit

This is not the first time I've been referred to one doctor and ended up with another.  Funny thing is:  so far I've liked the "unexpected" doctors and liked the NP I didn't expect to meet.  And I like the doctor I saw Tuesday.  The office decor was upscale, and go ahead and laugh, but it seemed hard to feel sick there.  (Maybe a little psychedelic to be among all those enlarged baby photos.)

She did a pelvic exam and listened kindly and respectfully to my history and concerns about Tamoxifen side effects.  Apparently she is not new to the Tamoxifen regime, saying that later, as the oncologists saw me less often, she would rotate appointments with them --see oncologist, then in three months see her, etc.

Then last night I realized there was no evidence that she did a Pap test!  I don't know whether it's worth calling to ask why she didn't?  (Most of the moments I hate most start with these decisions about whether to call a doctor with a question.)  

 And so, in spite of a major GYN shortage here,  I have one I like so far, who knows me.  And another health area that was neglected during spine and DCIS treatments is no longer neglected.

Bottom line:  she thinks I'm okay right now.

I wish you health.

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