Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It took several days.  Maybe a week after I read that manufacturer leaflet that said Tamoxifen doesn't prevent all kinds of breast cancers.  No, in fact it took the whole time since I read my pathology report. Today I finally got the point.

Since Tamoxifen just stops estrogen from binding with breast cancer cells, it can't do anything about cancer cells that are not estrogen-dependent.  That also explains a few statistics in the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book about mortality from "other cancers."

Maybe I need some of that required nature walking (as soon as we're past the flooding this week) that has been prescribed for directed thinking.  Right now it's nature wading.

And also when the rain stops, I probably need to return this wonderful exercise mat that contains substances "the state of California considers carcinogens."  Protecting the immune system is a lot of work.

I wish you health.

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