Saturday, May 10, 2014

No soy? Starbucks steps up! Duncan Hines, too?

Glad I didn't give up on Starbucks.  There on my "home" Starbucks counter last week were some small nutrition bars with no soy on the label.  Lots of nuts, and tasted pretty good!

This is a big relief, since at times I'm hungry for lunch when I get there.

Then, an additional surprise at home!  Some Duncan Hines Simple Mornings muffin/quick-bread mix with no soy on the label! Not even in the "manufactured in a facility. . ." section.   I haven't written to them to check on whether there is soy in their flour.

Maybe things are looking up.  After all, a lot of people who never heard of Tamoxifen are unable to tolerate soy.

I wish you health.

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