Thursday, May 1, 2014

LUMBAR FUSION and feet and . . .

I had a backache yesterday, and maybe the day before.  And yesterday I also went to see a podiatrist for the second time in my life.  I was in the car far too long, partly because of parking problems, and there was a lot of bending in the podiatrist's office.  The back still aches.

The doctor told me more things than I could absorb at this busy and stressed time in my life.  One of them that I certainly will remember is his mention that the lower spine affects the nerves to our feet.  Why did I never think of that while preoccupied with how much the fusion surgery did or did not stop nerve pain in my legs.  

He said the lower spine could be related to feet hurting, burning, itching!  So maybe this new cream I use is not addressing that whole situation.   Maybe we should write ourselves a memo to ask doctors that all-important question:  What else could this be?

I was very resistant to the idea of custom orthotics because I don't ever find the the shoes I would need to put them in.  Also reluctant to get an x-ray after having what I feel is too many in TX, including the radiation for DCIS.

I'll take his suggestions for what to do first, like go and look at a certain shoe insert at the place where I got my ankle weights. Maybe buy the analgesic custom prescription.

And I'll redouble my efforts at better posture.  In desperation this morning, I used a flexible pack of baby wipes for a lumbar pad in my reading chair.  I'll also set the timer for a  half hour limit at the computer.

Mainly, I give him gold stars for patience, and for being a specialist who is aware of the rest of the body.  And I'll ask my primary doctor next week about exercises, maybe even Pilate's for spine health (without another X-ray, please?)  For now, I won't dwell on that tiny fear that the lower spine is in new trouble. It ain't over when the fusion's over.

I wish you health.

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