Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TAMOXIFEN - Second month

The medical oncologist said we should take my depression seriously, but until our June appointment, I'm taking it seriously by myself.  All I do for it during this high-pollen warning is drink forbidden morning decaf, read something I enjoy, and park far away from library and stores (parking lot walking has less pollen.) And sometimes get out the earphones and listen to music on You Tube.

The fatigue may get better when the pollen lets me walk more.  It's hard to catch a nap at a time when I haven't eaten for 2 hours (due to GERD problem.)

And today I need my weight workout - which may also help with depression.  

I'll be getting blood work, hopefully including thyroid test, but not until right before the June appointment. 

Before I met this doctor, I wrote down some notes about fuzzy thinking.  I don't remember if I mentioned it to him that first day.  And I didn't mention it last week because I had so many other questions.    Yesterday, I forgot to take two important pills, but didn't think to look in my daily pills box to see if I'd taken them.  This morning, there they were.

It's hard to distinguish between regular absentmindedness and distraction versus some pill-induced fuzzy thinking.  

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