Sunday, March 2, 2014

A FLOCK OF CANCER MIRACLES? Or, an oncologist and his patients must be doing something right.

Yesterday, I got more bills from my lumpectomy. Some were from people I didn't even know were involved, and some using terms like partial breast removal that sound a lot more grim than lumpectomy.

But also yesterday, I read many amazing stories of long-term recovery and delightful lives in Sunrise Rounds - a whole day of happy people coming in and telling the doctor about their progress and adventures. 

Seeing so many glimpses into these recoveries and survivals, some many years after their scary diagnoses and major treatment, just gave me such a shot of optimism!  

In short, if you're tired of too many negative forecasts and too many dubious study results in researching your cancer, or the cancer of someone you love, please take time to read yesterday's Sunrise Rounds, about a "dull day."

He sounds like the doctor we all want.

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