Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Daylight saving time started Sunday.  In the past I always looked forward to the longer daylight; it seemed to make me feel better.  Now I don't get that effect yet.  And I already had a cup of forbidden decaf.

Between the GERD diet and the No Soy diet, how could I have gained this weight?  And still two mornings, I woke up hungry, long before I'd had enough sleep.  Am I just less active? Sitting here learning the new laptop's personality doesn't burn many calories. But I can't help blaming Tamoxifen

There is more hair in my brush than I can ever remember.  It's funny how a side effect that says "older, older" gets your attention more than anything else.  On the hair, I'm definitely going to blame Tamoxifen.

And then I realize, it's not like taking too many vitamins--you don't just stop Tamoxifen.  

Will things level out at the end of these first 30 pills?  I'm seeing the medical oncologist a week from Thursday.

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