Sunday, March 9, 2014


One side says Vitamin D is a new blessing for breast cancer and will make me avoid recurrence; the others mention a study from another country when a D supplement didn't help anybody?  So I need some real food that has D in it.

It's hard to find on the web the names of actual food that has Vitamin D.  I finally found eggs, and green leafy vegetables. (I haven't heard that term since college.)  Luckily, we had spinach spinopika or however you spell it.  Spanakopita. Try to spell that word without looking on the wrapper if you need a laugh as much as I do today.  

Did I mention Lara bars are the only thing I can find that actually says SOY FREE?  Do not ask how many I ate today.

More important, those little ice cream cups I'm not supposed to eat don't have soy.  Tough decision.  Especially with my slight sensitivity to milk.  My point?  We all had a physical condition to start with, before DCIS appeared.

Note to self:  ask radiation doctor how long I have to stay out of the sun because of radiation So far I haven't seen a big enough sun hat that doesn't look too silly.  I need to call her about some little aches and skin problems.

No use asking the medical oncologist  or the ophthalmologist how many women on Tamoxifen really did get cataract?  I already had one lens replacement, and there is still a small cataract in the other eye.  So I already stay out of the sun as much as possible.  

Despite my solemn vow, this web searching for medical news leaves me drinking too little water, which messes up my GI system.

I suspect the only one of my complaints that's really from Tamoxifen is the flat feeling that could be depression.  (No, not the mood swings. Those are from so many birthdays.)  The medical oncologist said if I had trouble with Tamoxifen, it would be in the first month.  So I'm halfway through that.  Seeing him a week from Thursday.

Don't know the all the words to that country song, Life's too Easy to Be So Damn Hard.

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