Friday, March 28, 2014

AVOIDING SOY? - a food find but no solutions

My medical oncologist, as I've mentioned is  actively against anything that says "soy" for women taking Tamoxifen.  I've been reading labels obsessively, eating too many Lara bars, and sometimes feeling hungry.

Today, in the market, I picked up a little carton of split pea soup from Pacific Foods of Oregon (not a name you see in Texas so much.)  I held it up to the light at different angles - no soy on the label.  I picked up another flavor, and another - no soy on those labels either!

And the label on the split pea said the ham is uncured (I guess that's okay since they cook it before it goes in the carton?)   So it doesn't have those nitrates and things --less harmful stuff.

I brought home the "split pea and uncured ham" soup.  It would have been nice to have a pal to share with, since I couldn't get the box to re-close tightly.

That flavor is too peppery for my digestion--but I liked it.  Everybody else in Texas would probably love it. And chunks is a bit optimistic for the bits of ham.   But I liked it enough to buy another flavor soon.

Caution:  it does not say "soy free," just doesn't name soy on the label.  So if you're actually allergic, you'll need more research.

The question is:  Do we just avoid national brands to save time hunting food?   How do women who work avoid soy for lunch?  Live on sandwiches?  Try to fill up on salad?

Be well.

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