Tuesday, March 11, 2014

LOOKING THE OTHER WAY - When you have cancer, who you gonna call?

Last week, a friend recommended a doctor she really likes.  When I called his office, I was told he does not accept Medicare.  In fact, he isn't taking any new patients.  Then I read the news and got really scared.

Before cancer research got so much Internet publicity, I read a quote from a doctor who was asked how to keep from getting cancer,  He replied, "Don't get old."

Still, some of us did get old.  And we're still doing it.

At the end of this month, if something isn't done, even more of us who are old enough for Medicare will be searching for a doctor, any doctor who will take Medicare.  Some of us will not be able to travel the distance to the nearest doctor who still does accept it.

Primary doctors are already paid very little due to fee schedules that have been patched more than an old tire. Some eager officials want no more patches.  They want to scrap the whole doctor payment schedule and start over. That may take years.

Without a patch, it is my understanding that doctors will get 25%  less for treating us.  That's 25% less!  As a result, still more doctors will be unable to afford accepting Medicare patients.

The government is starving Medicare.  But we still pay for it out of our Social Security as we have since we were starting to work.  We still pay into SS on payday if we work!  We then pay for a supplement if we have enough Social Security or a job.

But if doctors can't take us, the government will still take our money.  

Threatening to vote for a different party may not help.  The projected budget already shows unbelievable cuts to Medicare.

And many younger people, who do have relatives on Social Security, have no idea this may happen or is already happening. These young and middle aged people may be on Social Security someday themselves.  And their parents will get sick sometimes.   Will there be a doctor?  Who will pay that doctor?

Have you contacted anyone in government about this?  I have.

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