Friday, December 21, 2012

SPINE FUSION - shoes and a couple Real Solutions

I'll start with some solutions, and get to the whining later.

    - a long-handled back bath brush is good for feet and calves.
    - in a situation with no grab bars, I've fastened the cane to a door knob.  The door to the bath area opens with the knob right right next to the tub.  It steadies me safely getting in and out of the tub.
Thank Heaven this tub has a non-skid bottom surface. 
     -there are non-skid mats for the bottom of the sink.  You can carry a couple home for the tub easier than the tub-size non-skid mat.
    - I found a funny looking glove for 99c that is apparently intended for the tub.  I bought it because it's some kind of plastic mesh that dries quickly and you can slip a little soap inside so you never drop it.  A regular bonanza for anyone who can't bend.  BONUS:  it makes a nice exfoliator if you're gentle.
    -At probably the same little store, I got a small mesh bag that hangs over the shower rod AND holds my shampoo and my "soap glove." (The grabber doesn't pick up wet shampoo bottles that fall in the tub.)
Maybe the shoe thing isn't a problem unless your fusion is lumbar?  Or maybe it is.  I gave up heels.  I bought the walking shoes that look like nurse shoes used to look, because they don't have dangerously excess non-skid tread.  Lacing them feels like it's putting my fusion at great risk. 

Would a professional brow shaping make up for the way I would feel with Velcro walking shoes?  Might as well wear a sign that says Beware of Old Broad.  Note to shoe manufacturers - a wedge can be wider than a razor blade and still be stable-with-style.  Please manufacture some right now. 

Your turn:  How many uses have you found for your "grabber?"

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