Friday, December 7, 2012

SPINE FUSION - protect yourself: the all-day PT exercise

Work on your Red Carpet/Grammy Award walk. 

BatMan doesn't slouch.  I have to back up against the door frame and check whether I'm leaning forward.  And hold my stomach in even when I'm reading Michael Connolly.  Right posture is the exercise that keeps that lump of new spine hardware from abusing the rest of my vertebrae.  This surgery should keep working way longer than a vintage Rolls.

Upgrade leg exercises:  after I'd done them comfortably, the visitng PT put light, soft ankle weights on me.  I doubt they weighed more than a few ounces, but it's a start.  And did I mention: ask the doctor before you do even ounces. 

If you were a jock before the surgery, don't necessarily expect to get away without the stiff legs now.  All my years of climbing around my hilly past neighborhood are not helping with today'sstiffness after unpacking my clothes one at a time with the grabber.

Did I promise arms exercises?  Next post.   Honest.

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