Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Might as well start with the usual disclaimer:  do not do any exercises without checking with your doctor.  

The visiting Physical Therapist gave me this series.  On her visits, she made me do them in front of her (clearly I'm not the only patient who forgets to do them.)

One nice thing is:  one set lying on the bed; one set in the chair.  Since the surgeon's assistant told me some of my pains could be avoided if I alternate places--lying down gets us away from the computer. 

OK Lying down on my back:  again I remind you that I have buns, so I don't lie on my back with both legs flat on the bed; I need a pillow under them.  So:

First the bun squeeze - just tense both buns a few times.  I do this with a pillow under my knees and calves.

Then with one knee bent, extend the other leg and then dig the heel in to the mattress as you pull your heel close to your buns.  Back and forth 10 times.   Then other heel.

Now: one leg straight - move leg left to right and back 10 times.  Then other leg straight, same move left to right and back.

In the chair:  my chair supports my back - the seat and back make a letter L tilted back a couple of degrees. 

Lift one knee  a few inches ten times.  Do not strain or force it. Rest.  Then other knee.  Rest.  Repeat both

I rest legs on my ottoman and:  Lift one whole straight leg an inch or two.  Ten times. Rest.  Then other leg.  Repeat including the rests.

Then on the ottoman:  I move one leg at a time left to right and back 10 times.  Rest.  Other leg.  Rest.  Repeat.

Next time:  Arms

I really mean ask your doctor before you do any exercises.

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