Monday, December 17, 2012

SPINE FUSION Incidental healing and

One more incidental happening:
I may have mentioned this, but it's worth repeating:
Waiting in the surgeon's office, I mentioned that at the end of 4 weeks, I started getting some leg pain.  His assistant asked what I'd been doing and I confessed this blog kept me at the keyboard a bit longer.  She said:

Divide your time:  a half hour at the computer, some time lying down, some time walking. . .
And of course I need time for the exercises.  I still have to force myself away from the keyboard.  Since it's a laptop, my posture is at risk.

Look around you in a coffee shop, and ask yourself if you're doing some of those duck postures that will have consequences.  I see a bonanza for orthopods coming in future years.

The car
I liked my car and my jeans.  In my free time, I liked being totally relaxed, JoanCool in the driver's seat.  Since the surgery I realized:

That shoulders-and-hips in the same plane move that gets me out of bed should be getting me in and out of the car.  Guess what!  In my youth, all women were supposed to back into the car and then rotate shoulder-and- hips in the same plane into the car.  So now I do.  Takes too long, but. . .

Guess what else?  I saw my friend Tom getting out of his vehicle that way, mentioning that it's good for his back trouble.

Now I'm getting a real course in using the side mirrors, hoping to eliminate twisting to look around the hateful head rest to see whether I'm backing into someone's lobelia or on someone's shiny new bumper.  Another learning experience. . .  Face it, I'll still have to get out of the car and look sometimes.  And since my lens replacement, I'll still be four feet from the car I thought I was hitting.  I'm way too young for all this.

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