Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SPINE FUSION - Healing - more Doctor's orders

The surgeon has insisted from the beginning:  WALK.  I realized months ago (not the same as practicing it) that walking is the only place I can really watch my posture.  Otherwise I'm reading or leaning toward the keyboard, or grabbing a desk phone or a boiling pot on the stove.

The walker is still an awkward nuisance but necessary.   The leg with the most recent nerve punishment still feels a bit awkward, and once in awhile a bit weak for a second.  Wanting to get back to my room with a pretty cup of coffee and the walker has been a powerful motivator.    

The alley to the laundry room is now strictly forbidden.  Even with the walker, that rough rubble surface back there can throw me. 

It's easy to use the walker wrong, and I often do.  They taught me to stand sort of inside the walker (not too far in, or you would bump the front piece.)  This keeps us from leaning forward or putting weight on the handles.  Yes, I learned all this before the surgery, but sometimes lately  I feel like a weakling who's lucky to stand up.

The PT says the leg stiffness will go away after awhile. 

(Apologies for times I repeat something from earlier posts.)

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