Sunday, July 24, 2016

SAVING MY TEETH AND GUMS from Prolia? (and from my habits)

Even before the second Prolia shot, I knew my dental care was not working.     Desipite years with a periodontist, I had a broken tooth when I left CA.  He did teach me to floss after meals and watch the gums.  But then new problems sprung up here.

A TX dentist introduced me to Xylitol.

Then possible Prolia side effects sent me hunting for better tooth and gum survival.

Almost at once,  I found a gold mine of suggestions that make sense to me;
I landed on this Cleveland Clinic article:

Turns out  brush and floss are only the beginning.  Though the article is called Six Foods,

There are some other urgent actions to go with these important foods.

RINSE is one action:  WATER is nature's food, and so good for rinsing.   See below.

CRUNCH is action to stimulate saliva, and requires healthy CRUNCH FOOD- like carrots, apples, pears and other crunchies that introduce water into our system as we crunch. Even the very crispy leaf lettuce at my market.

 I noticed that my gums are the first line of defense.

Some gum-defense FOODS are:  dairy, fish, and Xylitol, and TEA.  Really.

DAIRY.   CC says dairy food prevents gum disease.   Yogurt has been in my life for decades; I still eat some most days (the one with no processed sugar.)

And I'm back to half and half in coffee (gives me a bit of a runny nose, but oh well.)  "Fat free half and half" is NOT the real deal; scary label.   In fact read labels on everything.

A tiny square of CHEESE (a half ounce) after a meal neutralizes lingering acid in the mouth.  I just have to learn to stop at "tiny."  CC says regular dairy products lower risk of gum disease.In gentler times every special dinner had a fruit and cheese course.  It wasn't just to please Emily Post.  Now we know it made sense before fancy tooth brushes and good floss.

Back to TEA, a surprise for gum protection!  (Another thing I had given up.)  But I had green tea on hand that I bought for an astringent.  Catechins in green tea (try saying it fast six times) may help with dangerous inflammation and avoid gum disease (just don't sit around with it; drink it and then drink a glass of water)

More on WATER,  to drink after caffeine and to rinse our mouths after anything we eat. Every time we eat.  Even after starch.  Just rinse.   I can take a water bottle into restroom after my little bagel brunch, yes, (even at Starbucks)  rinse in private.  Drinking more water now -  Not too much for my GERD) but enough to protect my teeth and gums in so many ways.

FISH for gums:  CC mentions some fish, saying omega-3 can "reduce risk of periodontitis."  Funny that LA perio guy never mentioned it.  I'm cooking some tonight.  Two or three servings of fatty fish per week.  You can get albacore in pouches at the market if you never want your home to smell fishy.

 I put my version of THE PLAN  on the fridge.  The dentist and the hygienist were happy about the ro cheese (yes, I know, calories).  Their only caution was:  don't spend too much time with drinking the  tea.  Drink and rinse to prevent gray teeth.

We can do this.

I wish you health.

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