Monday, August 1, 2016

My New CC Dental Boot Camp - Do I have this straight? Can I keep at it?

Just saw a tweet from woman who lost a tooth from chemo.  She reminded me that I recently broke another tooth mysteriously (my only "chemo" - Tamoxifen,  but I also take the "jaw scary" Prolia for osteoporosis.)

Being a cheese addict, I love the part of the Cleveland Clinic regimen that tells me to end a meal with cheese.  The part I ignore is how much cheese.   My cheese addiction results make it a bit scary to get on the scales.

Don't have a pal at Cleveland Clinic to ask questions like:  After breakfast, Do I rinse before the cheese, since there is acid in the daily blueberries in my plain oatmeal?  Or do I just pop the cheese in first before the blueberries do me in?  Or do my teeth in?

Dental Floss should come packaged with a CD of favorite songs.  I still have GERD, so I try for four small meals instead of 3 big ones.  And I still remember the L.A. periodontist's instructions to floss after every meal.  So, floss.  Floss.  And floss.  That, of course, does not happen after my Saturday multi--grain bagel at Starbucks. Yet.

ONE bright light - I secretly think the tea they insist on makes my gums feel better.  Wishful thinking?

The secret seems to learn and do as much as we can of these preventives.  I haven't ever lost a tooth that shows (the dentist did fix the edge of that front one.)  I want to keep the rest of these teeth. Having a big gap in the front would mess up my mind more than I can tell you, and convince me I'm e______.

I wish you health.

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