Tuesday, July 5, 2016


No, it wasn't from speed-eating 2 Lara bars.

When I got on the scales at the doctor's office this morning, I asked to find my height. The nurse opened up her person-measurer, and told me to turn around.  Yikes!  I'm only 5'1".  So what, you ask, since I didn't have a modeling career in mind.

But I had calculated my body mass based on somebody's body an inch taller than I am.

Went home, keyed up the gov't NIH body mass calculator again.  Yikes!  If I'm only 5'1',   My bmi is then officially at 25.1 or overweight on the gov't chart.  After all that work to get the weight down and stay off the pre-diabetic list.  I never intended to lose even this much weight, so I guess one more pound is okay.

A little voice in my head wonders if I was taller before osteoporosis.  Don't know if my pre-osteoporosis height is written down anywhere.

The good news is, if I lose a pound, and don't get shorter in the meantime, I should be normal again.  I'll just be walking to the building library if you need me for anything.

OH, and Have you used this link?
 (Just in case  you're interested)

I wish you health.

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