Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prolia vs teeth - Shot is a go

The doctor and the dentist decided I'm good to go.

 My oncologist says Prolia is out of my system much, much sooner than I read on line.   Hmm.  He says they want patients to have down time before the next shot, and I'm delighted to hear that.

Dentist looked over my new "save my teeth & gums plan" that's mostly from Cleveland Clinic. Thought it was good; he and hygienist both in favor of cheese for teeth and gums.  Luckily (I think) I love cheese. Now I drink tea and rinse quickly.  And rinse.  And rinse.  More on this coming up.

So tomorrow I march out in this heat and get the next shot.  The infusing dept. was so busy yesterday that I forgot to ask if anyone ever developed Prolia allergy after the second  shot.  I never find answers to such Prolia questions on line. It's too new, I guess, or something...

I wish  you health.

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