Saturday, July 2, 2016

True Confession - Cancer and race-

Not long ago, I tweeted or re-tweeted an item on cancer death being more likely for black women. Several people were glad about my re-tweet.

My guilt is: that I didn't come forth with my objections to the article they saw:  I'm embarrassed to admit I no longer have the specific article that started the comment trail.  Don't even have, at this moment, the title.  But what I haven't said, and need to say is:

    I do NOT believe that the health system is structured for older white women.

  As an older white woman dependent on Medicare (a medicare supplement is just that - it doesn't pay when Medicare doesn't pay.  Medicare takes $ from my social security before I get it no matter what color I am.   And my supplement costs a big chunk of what's left of my SS, without asking about my color.)

 Who is the US health system structured for?  I think you have an idea every time you make a payment on your insurance.

Beyond that, we need to look hard at possible biases in the medical world, and challenge the biased to work on it.

The problem is not unknown.

I wish you health.

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