Monday, June 29, 2015

MUST READ: Metatstatic Breast Cancer - A Patient is doing the research?!

A researcher is willing to mention patients!  And (gasp) insist that patients must be involved  in research. Okay, there is some small print here - Harvard may not be calling you and other patients you know just yet.  But her story is amazing.

Corrie Painter, PhD on work at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard--

"My personal experiences with an exceedingly rare breast malignancy called angiosarcoma allowed me to peer through a window that included a lumpectomy, a mastectomy and chemotherapy, with none of the research or support that is poured into breast cancer awareness. "

What blew me away is that Broad advertised for a "professional patient."  

Please follow the link and read this for maybe a little hope.  Or Google BCSM - the article is in their headline today.  And if you like, check out her "boss" research head Nikhil Wagle, MD, on Twitter.

I wish you health.

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