Monday, June 15, 2015

"YOU HAVE PRE-DIABETES" Yeah...I was afraid of that

You know you're in trouble when you're checking in to the oncologist's blood lab and the phone rings with a call from your other doctor's assistant:  You've got Pre-Diabetes.

But I'd suspected trouble. About a month ago they ordered a second blood test--blood sugar was a bit high.  (The assistant on the phone had used the word diabetes.)  I put off the second test for more than a week.  Between the thunder storms, endless paperwork about moving, and the oncologist giving me a month off tamoxifen, I had enough for one week.

Out in the car, I listened to the phone message:  "avoid processed sugars and avoid processed flour."  That was a good, simple way to get me started.  But my head thought... Freely translated:  lotsa luck on ever eating or drinking your favorites."

Climbed the library stairs (my regular workout).  They had a new book, about type 2 diabetes.  Nothing on Pre-diabetes.  (Of course, I'd already been all over the web, especially Mayo Clinic, after the first test.)

It was just to hot to go to the market, so I went home and read a lot of the Type 2 book.

   The lists and recipes seemed to allow a lot of exceptions to his rules.  He's pushing more meat (I need the protein,) more eggs (I need the biotin* and B12.) and endless non-starchy vegetables.  (I'd only seen three of them in my life. )  

The big motivator in the book was learning
 what high sugar may already be doing to mess up my eyes.

Bottom line, meat and salad and rivers of olive oil.  (Gee, I could get glamourous like the pretty women in the detective novels - dressing on the side just to look at, not to eat .) So no Greek yoghurt dressing?

Exercised.  Took some actions about regular mealtime.

Believe it or not, I woke up this morning feeling kinda happy.  It's a relief to know that Pre-diabetes is real.  It's not just another of the endless "maybes"  since I started the search for the right Texas doctors. Hoping the new diet will prove (slowly)  which fatigue and other symptoms are not Tamoxifen.

Into the kitchen, pour my beloved almond milk down the drain. My favorite yoghurt will probably be next.   Make some plain instant oats and throw in a dab of honey and some berries.  Make the coffee, save it to drink with a bit of half n half after the cereal (as the book insists.)

Coming soon:  grocery shopping and blood sugar

I wish you health.

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