Monday, June 22, 2015

BACK ON TAMOXIFEN - Cutting down to half dose

I had some blood work, and went in to see my oncologist for 30-days-off- Tamox appointment. The big question: Will I go back on Tamoxifen?

The first thing he asks is: Are your feet any better?  And I sheepishly say, Not much.

What isn't said is that I've had the feeling I'm "more intelligent" without Tamox.  Just a feeling the last week or 2 of the month off, as I watched myself react to things and how I've been able to plan or make a choice without that little white pill. I don't ask: Is there enough "brain difference" to stay off it forever?

Then he surprises me: tells me he thinks all the changes and new diets are good for me, waking me up--that he can see it in my face.  Hmmmm.  Nobody else mentioned a difference, but maybe I need another look in the mirror.  I was thinking the changes, tests, and diets were just tiring me out.

He asks if I have any Tamoxifen at home.  Yes.  "Break them in half and take half every day.  (They make a half strength one, 20 mg.)  Then come back and see me in three months."

No problem!  I have a pill splitter.  And I trust him.

Yes, I still have unanswered questions:  I've lost weight during my new anti-inflamatory and prediabetes diets while I was off Tamoxifen.  What caused what?  Will I stop losing weight now that I'm back on Tamoxifen?  No answers.

No crystal ball.  Just a great doctor who keeps track of me and comes up with good plans.  And fingers crossed.

I wish you health.

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