Thursday, July 2, 2015


What I don't eat any more

As my doctor says: avoid processed sugar and
 processed flour (you know, like white flour)
BTW The diet sheet doesn't seem to know who
 gets inflammation from dairy, wheat, eggs, and who doesn't

Whole wheat muffin from usual mkt - has sugar
Whipped sweet potato from same mkt has sugar
My favorite almond milk that has sugar
The skin on the supermarket whole-chicken-to-go (sugar)
My beloved Starbucks butter croissant and Starbucks butter croissant egg sandwich
White rice
Instant oatmeal pkgs.  (Even the "original" has sugar!)  Here I am, cooking oatmeal.

How an over-65-er gets that extra protein we need

Avocado - highest fruit protein I can find
Peas - also high protein, but not recommended every day by one writer on type 2
Heaping 2 teaspoon of 0% yoghurt (read the label:  even "plain" yoghurt has sugars like milk sugar plus 1 heaping tsp of vanilla latte yoghurt from my market

What I hate about avoiding red meat:

How in the world do I eat so much chicken and avoid getting sick and tired of it?
 I'm already getting tired of tuna (needs lots of Lemonaise)  and can't afford fresh salmon.
And the in-house roasted turkey at the market is a bit boring.  Quite a bit boring.
Some clown, er, manufacturer,  put sugar in the chicken broth I bought!!!!!!
And did I mention I'm also supposed to be on the anti-Gerd diet, which is the opposite of all this?

What saves me - and helped kiss a few pounds goodbye

I always liked crisp head lettuce and cucumber - puts water in my system and fills me up
Turbinado sugar or other unprocessed sugar in almost invisible amounts
Lara bars - The fiber from the nuts balances (so far)  the dates in the bar + no soy
Unsweetened almond milk (does have tapioca starch in microscopic amt.)
O'Jai Cook Lemonaise - has fat and eggs in it, but I need the biotin and flavor
Starbucks usually has bananas
Limited cheese
I still drink coffee

Also, son-in-law made awesome onion torte with anchovy and olive (crust has all health grains, no white flour)

Wild experiments

Purple and other weird carrots - ugh, tough
Sweet potato strips, not fries, from mkt.  Recipes, but I can just boil a few to help survive the monotony.

What I think I need and might get

Both diets forget what pregnant women have known for centuries - something dry can settle your stomach.  A nearby restaurant says I can go in at breakfast and get whole wheat toast.  We'll see.

PS I'm really on my feet today, so may allow myself a little more Vanilla/Latte yoghurt (insert smile)

I wish you health.

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