Friday, October 17, 2014

THIS AIN'T A HALLOWEEN MASK and other Bc studies

Before we forget about the Tulane study on total darkness and Tamoxifen, a few updates:

I sent for a sleep mask, since there is light from the window and coming in around the door (and my stupid flashlight glows for a while after I turn it off.)  Anyway, the mask is TOO small, and I have to rig up some kind of gentle extension for the elastic that won't pull out what's left of my hair.

I did change my Tamoxifen pill time to bedtime, and I'm still on Melatonin, which was mentioned in the Tulane study in relation to our safe, deep sleep.  But every two months, you're supposed to go off Melatonin for a week.

Then, MNT Medical News Today online had a story Oct. 8 about a hormone study.  I won't go into the technicalities except their bottom line - a very cautious suggestion that we take our cancer pills at night because one day-time protective hormone is not active at night.

No, I'm not a scientist (you knew that) and these were cautiously written releases.  

But I'm going to keep taking Tamoxifen at night, and hoping the good Halloween fairy will think of how to make my sleep mask fit.

I wish you health.  

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