Wednesday, October 29, 2014


On 9/24, the National Cancer Institutes started a new study:  The Exceptional Responders Initiative. They announced that their purpose is to study " molecular features of tumors that predict whether or not a particular drug or class of drugs will be beneficial."

Early this year, if you read medpage Hot Topics: Breast Cancer 2, you saw some early concern about different features of the tumor itself. 

In May, I referred to that Hot Topic:  "watching HOT Topics, Breast Cancer 2014 Part 1. The doctor who impressed me so much, Lisa Carey, MD, told us that some breast cancer cells are looking more like other cancer cells ..."

Now NCI will look at which cancer cells will respond to which medicines.  I think of how many women have been given so much expensive (and repulsive)  cancer treatment medicine that didn't work.  Will we now learn a reason why it didn't?

In the past, the NCI release says, studies have been scrapped if less than ten per cent of patients got well.  If a few subjects did very well, nobody was sure why. 

For this study, an elaborate system will find, protect, and isolate samples of cells from reliable records of exceptional outcomes.  

I wish them wonderful findings.

I wish you health.

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