Monday, October 6, 2014

IT'S BREAST CANCER MONTH - Blow the whistle on big pharma, FDA, and chemo copay

The unspoken:  one of the first problems a Bc chemo patient on medicare is going to have is losing her doctor!  because she can't pay for her inflated-price meds plus the couple hundred a month for her Medicare PPO supplement.  A friend from LA lost her chance to continue with my beloved PC doctor because she lost her Medicare PPO supplement.  And a visiting PT advised me:  Have the surgery now, while you can afford the insurance!  But some patients could afford their insurance if the price of chemo had not been inflated beyond belief.

Here are some facts  and some people fighting back:

Don't let the doctors mentioned in these links fight big pharma alone.  Call a congressperson.  Email the White House.  Be heard.  Order a bumper sticker.  Yell on the sidewalk. Tweet.

Some of our sisters are too sick to march on Washington.

I wish you health.

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