Monday, October 13, 2014

What new test!? Whaddya mean more meds? ASK THESE 3 GOOD QUESTIONS

Beware your doctor’s knee jerk reflex: 3 questions to ask  

David L. Katz, MD  Physician  September 3, 2010 in Kevin MD

I was able to Google this by typing in Knee Jerk Kevin, MD.   I encourage you to read the whole thing - it's clear, short, and to the point!

1. Always ask “why?”  (It might get my Dr. to think it over. . .)
2. Always ask “what else?”  (I definitely should have asked this over the muscle relaxant conflict)
3. Always ask “then what?"  (Thank Heaven I asked a 'then what' on the latest sore back Rx: Will I be okay to drive when I take this? His answer was No, take it in the evening."  No way am I getting up at night for the bathroom with anything like that in my veins, thanks.) .
"Clinical assessment that includes a test of the knee jerk reflex is fine. Clinical decisions driven by it are not, but they too, are out there. Forewarned, I hope, will prove to be forearmed." Dr. Katz in Knee-Jerk article.

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