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If you only read part of this Reuters article, read the last line and the doctors involved.

Reuters Health US  NEW YORK TUE SEP 9, 2014 6:17PM EDT 
A high-soy diet may drive breast tumor growth : study

 We have been bombarded with articles and broadcast segments assuring us that soy is alright.  When I Googled this article, I also got a string of other links that were pro-soy.
As I’ve mentioned here, my oncologist said at our first meeting:  “If it says soy, run.” 
And I have an oncologist because I had DCIS and it was estrogen dependent, like the majority of breast cancers.  Now I will be taking Tamoxifen for years for its estrogen-blocking effects.

My diet had been loaded with soy from menopause on, because I did have some hot flashes then, strangely enough when I didn’t eat on time.

My primary doctor had suggested soy to ward off the hot flashes.  I became aware of women telling each other that soy would help.  I bought the soy milk in half gallons, and it had other benefits because cow’s milk and ice cream irritated my sinuses.  In other words, milk gives me a runny nose.
Then I got a job with no real lunch hour, and started keeping soy bars in my desk, where they could be quickly hidden if a client came in. I really, really liked them. 

This went on until I saw my pathology report after lumpectomy.  Hormone-dependent.  Darn and other words to that effect.  I started tapering off soy before I even met my oncologist, because I knew I had been taking it for the phytoestrogens (plant estrogens.)

The Reuters article came as a relief in some way.  All this new label-reading is for a good reason.  I respect Memorial Sloan Kettering and Georgetown. Both men quoted were very conservative in their statements. No, lights and sirens, no scare tactics, but Dr. V. Craig Jordan of Georgetown, said ‘“For populations of women with breast cancer, soy products aren’t good,”’

I feel more secure after reading this.  Read it. Then decide what’s right for you.

I wish you health.

(PS) The title says "finally" but I just noticed that last winter Sloan Kettering had an article on this issue, which I mentioned in Febr. HEN BACKTALK

(PPS.  I'm not sure of the timing on this.  MD Anderson Center of Houston has a press release on line saying V. Craig Jordan would be joining them this month.)

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