Monday, July 14, 2014

BREASTS, Mammograms, callbacks - what should you be told?

DrMargaret Polaneczky practices at Weill Cornell Ob/Gyn.  On KevinMd today, she has an article called:  Dense Breasts on Mammogram?  Don't Be Afraid.  

I've had one of the callback letters with no explanation at all.  It referred me to my primary doctor for info - and of course, being a primary doctor who hadn't been contacted, he had no info on the mammo.

After more films, I waited for an hour, still in my cape, holding up my heavy breasts with my arm.

A doctor came  in, and without smiling, told me older breasts may have folds that obscure possible problems, so they may need more compression. Then she finally told me I was okay.

I am still wondering why there was no one for the tech to call  about using more pressure-- she could see I was old, and therefore had older breasts.

Regardless of your age, this doctor may stress something about breasts that you haven't read before, and want to know.

I wish you health.

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