Monday, July 21, 2014

Breast Cancer: Gel tamoxifen effective, fewer side effects

A gel Tamoxifen effective for breast cancer, fewer side effects, says MNT article July 15 on a study at Northwestern U published in a journal of the American Assn. for Cancer Research.  The gel, applied to breasts of women 45-60 with DCIS was found to lower cell proliferation.  Also, it penetrates the breast as well as oral Tamoxifen, but less was found in the blood at the end of the study.

Thus the focus becomes the lack of danger of blood clots.  However, several other typical side effects were not improved.  I'm not qualified to give you accurate information on the exact chemistry of the gel - but your oncologist may have read about this.  

The next day, medpage  also had an article on the gel updated on the 18th, and with more detail.
Yes, we're a long way from popping into the drug store for some, but I love seeing efforts made on side effects.

I wish you health.

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