Thursday, July 10, 2014

Breast Cancer 1 six-month update - progress

The BC 1 six-month update short video is available now on medpage. 

Listening to Dr. Larry Norton's portion update made me wish I had more education.  (I read a bit about dose-dense Bc therapy on OncoLink.) Your own oncologist may have some comments on Dr. Norton's report on ovarian suppression with Tamoxifen, results possible this year,  and  on pro dose-dense chemo issues.  

What I was listening for, of course, was more from Lisa Carey, MD.  At the beginning of the year, Dr. Carey brought up our immune systems and also the differentiation among breast cancer cell types.  In this update, she again mentions cell subsets and the current consortiums seeking appropriate  treatment for various types.  It may be a year before there is more on that.

 Most encouraging was the news that in the next few months, we will have more news on how our own immune system's response to the cancer affects the treatment.  

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