Saturday, May 30, 2015


This morning I lost my link to a new article on laparoscopic power morcellators, and haven't been able to pull it up again.  Hmmm.

You can go to the Wall Street Journal digital and see

FBI Is Investigating Hysterectomy Device Found to Spread Uterine Cancer

By JENNIFER LEVITZ  May 27, 2015 1:10 p.m. ET

This topic should not be news.  It certainly isn't new.  It’s in the news because the FBI came into the fray.  Last year I posted here about this – what the morcellator does, and how it drags those little pieces back through our healthy tissue.

 August 02, 2014

…about the doctor fighting with Brigham and Women's concerning his wife's unsuspected cancer and its spread in her body by power morcellation --breaking the tissue into small pieces for easy removal (and for ... from Google - 5/2015

A nurse wrote to me once when I was worried about uterine cancer as a Tamoxifen side effect, and said “We’ll just take it out.”  How, exactly?

Just now I Googled: Atlantic Magazine suit Brigham and Women's over power morcellator spreading cancer and got several interesting article titles.  

If you don’t want to Google anything, don’t want to read any articles, just let me read an innocent looking tidbit in the Levitz WSJ article:

Many hospitals and the nation’s largest health plans
either have curtailed use of morcellators or are considering limits.

IT AIN’T OVER.  Doctors still use it.  The other health plans and hospitals let ‘em do it.  Like which health plans allow it?  Mine?  Yours?  Which hospitals?  

In my 2014 post, I was worried about hysterectomy because I took, and still take Tamoxifen.  We know the side effects.  We know the speedy answer to uterine cancer – goodbye uterus.

Yes, but only 2% will get it.  It will happen to somebody else.   Probably.

Why don’t I get with my cancer doc or GYN or somebody and put an ironclad NO Morcellator! in my phone.  In my health directive?

If the uterus problem appears, maybe put no morcellator on my hospital name bracelet just in case I’m anesthetized when the subject comes up.  I might forget to add it IN BIG LETTERS before I sign the permission for treatment.  I suspect they don’t read those anyway.

If you comment, bust me on that because I haven’t written it anywhere but here yet. .

I wish you health.

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