Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CANCER, PROTEIN, AGE - Finally good news for Over-65s

Valter Longo, director of theLongevity Institute at the University of Southern California is the author of a recent study on effects of people over 50 eating protein.  People with high and even moderate amounts of their diets as protein were in danger of cancer, even death.  Including death from diabetes.

 And animal protein was targeted as a main danger, compared to mostly plant protein.  (How many almonds can you eat?) 

But here's the surprise:  People after 65 actually may need more than they've been getting.

There's a substance called IGF-1 that babies need to grow.  After 65, we make less of it, lose muscles, and become weaklings.  And the current study found that 

         people over 65 could reduce their risk of death with more protein.  

Now I get to the part that lost me:  Even with more plant proteins, there are limits.  
Dr. Longo suggests " 'about 54 grams of protein per day for a 150-pound person...However, going lower than that can be detrimental.' ”  

                  But does he mean for people 50 to 65, or for over-65?

Amazingly, even with my daily yoghurt, I was below 54 grams.  Easy for me to forget that yoghurt is animal protein.  Luckily there are things like my in-a-box split pea soup.  

I wish you health.

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