Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cancer: More spending; more cases coming. No protection, no rules.

Global spending on cancer drugs reaches $100 billion

        “The increased prevalence of most cancers..."  

He does give us some hope later in the paragraph, but I'm still not happy to learn of that increase.  

And while I'm reeling from that, the article concludes with:

"A report released in March by the American Society of Clinical Oncology projected the number of cancer cases in the U.S. would increase 45% by 2030."  For a terrible moment I missed the important part:  "in the U.S."   

How many of those "cases in the U.S." will be among additionally insured people, and increasing numbers of older people (you know, like me.)  And: 
 How many of the increased cases IN THE U.S. will prove 

        that we're causing new cancers faster
 than we can pay or learn to cure them?

I think about the things we create, breathe, eat and use that people in the EU, for instance, simply do not allow in their world.  We need to draw some boundaries.  Now.

I wish you health.


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