Monday, April 27, 2015

CLINICAL TRIALS for cancer patients- Are you missing opportunities?

How many adult cancer patients do you think participate in clinical trials?  Dozens?  Hundreds?  (Have I been reading too many novels about women and cancer?)

Breast Cancer Action has e-mailed me about a seminar they are producing on participation in clinical trials that touches on an FDA action plan to address under-served people in clinical trials.
As far as I know, anyone can enroll in the webinar.  It is mentioned on their website.

I'm taking the liberty of copying a sign-up link from the email they sent me:

Register for Wednesday May 6th at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT
Register for Tuesday May 12th at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT

I tried the link and it works for me.

If you don't do webinars (I don't) I suggest you go back to the closing paragraphs of Modern Healthcare article of last fall that I referenced on December 12, 2014 mentioning that  National Cancer Institute also has plans for increasing numbers of people in clinical trials:

OSU puts researchers face-to-face with cancer patients,  November 21, 2014 ModernHealthcare

Also in the article are figures on clinical trials from Dr. David Schuller of OSU that surprised me:

 " 'Only about 5% of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials... 

The National Cancer Institute has set a goal to push that number to 20% patient participation at cancer centers receiving its financial support,' "Schuller said. 

The clinical trial participation rate at the existing James hospital is 27%, he said.

In any case, do you ever dig around in your area or your state or your Alma Mater about what clinical trials may be available and what results you may want to watch for?

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