Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tamoxifen side effects - Evil constipation

My computer just ate my whole post, so I'll start over.

First, I need to drink more water.  Second, more water needs to get into my intestines.  CVS has a private label stool softener softgel, but according to Mayo Clinic:  Stool softeners moisten the stool by drawing water from the intestines. Examples include Colace and Surfak.  Why can't my intestines do that by themselves?  

If you care even slightly, here goes.  There's a motion (peristalsis)our digestive tract does that carries food from the lipstick to the bathroom, so to speak.  One annoying authority claims some things including caffeine can slow this down--he'd better be wrong.  Face it, caffeine gets me out of bed when Tamoxifen wants me back in.  Also, it is said that when peristalsis slows down, my intestines take back the water that I need to keep things moving. 

BTW - Since we're advised to exercise a little each day, I suspect that moving the body around aids peristalsis.  Worth a try, since exercise is supposed to fight recurrence,

Back to Mayo Clinic:  "weakened pelvic muscles."  And so back to Phys. Therapy.  An exercise called the butt squeeze was taught clear back in acute rehab.  I often forgot to do it until the recent PT.  They have me squeeze my buns together  firmly while holding tummy in.  Hold for a couple counts, then release and repeat.  Work up to more reps.

About the lifestyle:  Some food, try melons, even head lettuce (not the half dead leaf kind the market had yesterday) can put more water in our meal. (I don't drink water with my meal.) 

Also, there's a reason our more elegant ancestors had a fruit-and-cheese course with dinner. So eat them together.

Last ditch fixes, hopefully before you're truly miserable:  CVS also has glycerin suppositories and dandy finger covers to use for inserting.  Read the directions; ask a doctor you trust.  

And there's the Fleet enema.  Don't wait until you need it.

Any comments?

I wish you health.

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