Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tamoxifen: Run to the Ladies' Room - Hints

I don't know where I read about this, but I often do it:

Just stop and think clearly whether you must go right now.  If you can wait a minute, wait.  Keeps the running from being a habit instead of a need.  Very helpful in traffic jams, since women can't go in a bottle very well.

Also, with Tamoxifen:

Dryness and vague discomfort in my perineum sometimes send me to the bathroom when I don't need to go.  My Nurse Practitioner prescribed a mild anti-itch Rx cream, and said I could use it anywhere.  I double-checked with the OB/Gyn (who looked a little vague on the subject) but told me I could use it sometimes for this problem.

I wish you health.

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