Sunday, September 7, 2014

Breast Cancer radiation once a week - as foretold

Clinical trial using fewer radiation treatments for breast cancer seems to be as effective as typical regimen
I wasn't too surprised to see this, since it was predicted on medpage Hot Topics Breast Cancer earlier. And I'm sure I wasn't the only one who wished it had been available when I was in radiation. However, I've told several people since then that I believed (and still do) that having Christmas and New Year's off was the best possible thing for me - mentally and physically.)
If I was right about that, then the once-weekly dates may help some people to get to work, or just recuperate a little and let their skin rest. 
Yes, I read the fine print (It's still the same amount of juice, just spread out.) And I know some people just would like to get it over with.
One more thought: Have you been reading about the Post-therapy Letdown? It's easy to believe that even I had some of that. After all, I had an active part marching over there every day,(that's why we ring the bell) and incredible support, comfort, and real friendship every day from my radiation therapists! Looking back at that experience, I know it was healing. I wouldn't give up that memory.
But for women who might not bond the same way with the caregivers, what if the one-day-a-week regime could keep life more "regular life" and moderate the letdown?
I wish you health.

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