Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Breast Cancer and night light - more details and suggestions

Wondering why this night light vs Tamoxifen study wasn't all over the news, I followed the link from Tulane

to the cbc link:
By Anna Lazowski, CBC News

Lazowski also points out what was studied:  "In the latest research, the team measured how melatonin levels changed the effectiveness of tamoxifen therapy in human breast cancer cells implanted in rats."

In an interview with study head: 

"Hill said 'the timing of when breast cancer patients take their medication may be something to consider.  
“The FDA has no guidelines on when during the day you should take tamoxifen. So take your tamoxifen at night right before you go to bed, and I think our study suggests that melatonin will turn off a number of pathways that would prevent tamoxifen from working.' ”

So far, I'm still taking mine before supper, but maybe I'll change that.
 The Tulane release deals extensively  with an interview with the head of the study. It also mentions the study has been in the journal Cancer Research.  I have no indication that this journal article was peer reviewed.

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