Thursday, June 19, 2014

HOSPITALS: What IS a real healing environment?

I just read some actual common sense from Suneel Dhand, MD, on Kevin,MD: 5 Ways to Improve the Healing Environment of Hospitals.

One statement is so right-on that I wish it would fit on a tee shirt:

"... the whole topic of making hospitals better places to be 
has become a bit of a bumper sticker — 
with lots of convoluted and complex ideas being put forward, 
that often border on being nothing more than expensive gimmicks."

He talks about more doctors and nurses.  And (a note to all who are writing and meeting endlessly about design and marketing) he mentions the hospital reputation for happy patients in the same step as more frontline staff time with patients.

I'm all about happy patients, but not about marketing.  It's really the 5th "way" that I want to dive into, so there will be a post or article about it.

Meanwhile, I hope you'll read his whole article.

I wish  you health.

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