Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Breast Cancer, New diagnosis and WAY too much advice

Starting to write more about "who's the boss" of our treatment, I was looking for Dr. Salwitz's Light in the Darkness post.  Instead, through the magic of capricious search engines, I found his funny  and useful  Back to School Cancer Quiz.  I wish I'd found it on the day I heard the word "cancer" over the phone, and realized it meant my cancer, in my  body.  And she didn't say maybe.

I read thru the quiz, got some smiles (as he clearly intended, along with information.)  And there was my pet gripe in one possible answer to number 4: You know you're a cancer survivor when:

You don’t have the urge to choke the person who says,
 “All you need to beat cancer is the right attitude.”

How do we deal with advice like that, or any advice from someone who hasn't had cancer or shouldn't give advice?  

Random thoughts:

Smile sympathetically and say, Oh, dear!  I didn't know you had cancer, too!  Oh, you poor dear! 
Announce that you have to go to the ladies' room.
Exclaim that you were supposed to call the doctor five minutes ago.
Say Mmmm.  
Drop some stuff out of your purse.  Others will rush to help and perhaps distract the adviser. 
If there are people around, look at someone in the distance, call out I'm sorry! and move in that direction.
Change  your email address.

Remember, these are just random thoughts.

Then, if you need some laughs in the middle of information overload, I suggest you read Sunrise Rounds, Back to School Cancer Quiz.  I'm going back to it right now--he gives good info.  

This one's for Mary

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