Monday, June 9, 2014

BREAST CANCER - guilty as charged

Most Breast Ca Patients Fall Short on Exercise says medpage today.

And I'm one of them.  I made a copy of Dr. Salwitz's Breast Cancer Patients Rest in Peace.  I hung it up.   I blogged about it.
 I set my phone "stopwatch." I added up my walking minutes.  I started tutoring, I started Tamoxifen.  I walked less. 

My feet started giving me trouble.  I walked less.

I bought a new copy of Strong Women Stay Young.  I bought a new exercise mat that exudes carcinogens. It's in the car so I can return it.  Meanwhile it exudes probably a lot more carcinogens in the hot car in TX.

And one more Tamoxifen pill and one more unexplained but very uncomfortable pain - the arch of one foot, a place on right forearm that was injured in 2012.  And these are excuses.

I have a left arm which can lift a 3-pound barbell easily.  

Yes, I'm repeating my recent posts!  No, I don't have tv here to dilute the boredom.  

A therapist once told me to expect full-on and full-off days.  Too many full-off ones.  Where to start - I'm going online to see what kind of electronics will let me listen to music as I do a few moves with ankle weights, without disturbing family at work in the "office."

Any start is better than no start.

I wish you health.

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