Thursday, November 29, 2012

SPINE FUSION - Stayin' alive - most dangerous

What I find most dangerous that not one Occupational Therapist mentioned is:
Lack of safe lighting!

So many rooms have a light switch only at one end of the room, or worse, only at the foot of the stairs!

Anyone can accidentally drop something that could make a person with a cane go cane sailing with the predictable unhappy landing.  I've had to resort to carrying a rechargeable flashlight in my purse to get from the front door to my room.   There just isn't a good place right inside the front door for a lamp.  Maybe inside a book case or beside it could be an unobtrusive  push-button light like the ones in some closets.

I don't see a way to clap on a clapper light without my cane really breaking something . . .

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