Monday, November 12, 2012

SPINE FUSION - Acute Rehab - exercises for here and at home

Today when I'm in bed trying to rest without knocking the old-time shiny grey pushbutton phone, my purse, or my call buttons onto the floor, the physical therapist appears.  She has exercises I can do lying in bed. 

In July, my injured spine had been pressing on the nerves to my legs, once causing so much pain that I went to the hospital by ambulance.  Lying there, despite whatever pain pills they were giving me, I still had pain when I bent my right knee, moving my foot closer to my buns. 

Right now they don't conside me helpless, even though I can't unsnarl the phone cord from the call buttons cord or from anything else. 

So -- leg exercises.  I definitely appreciate the one that builds strength in my thighs and allows moving the foot closer to my buns and then stretching the leg out again without much discomfort.

The worst thing about the exercises is realizing how easily I could have done them in June - how easily I could often have done them until just before the surgery.  It's a long way back.

 I learn to move the legs side-to-side flat on the mattress.  Hopefully this sideways motion is good for balance, in case those rumors are true about learning to walk with a cane. 

Also there's one I never heard or read of before:  pressing the back of the leg into the mattress so the back of the knee really pushes into the bed.  This is supposed to help the--oh whichever muscle.  Paying serious attention, I don't really feel what muscles are working, but they are.

The most impressive exercise so far was operating the wheelchair.  I could feel it using those forearm muscles like brachioradialis (most interesting word I remember from anatomy.)  There is no wheelchair at home.  Might as well order some more long-sleeve tops.  I'm many months from my next pushup.

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Abegail Redford said...

How about curls up and bending? Does it help also?

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